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WooCommerce Wallet v2.4.4

WooCommerce Wallet v2.4.4

WooCommerce Wallet v2.4.4 – WooCommerce Wallet is a WordPress add-on that allows its customers to make payments and payments on their Wallet, using funds that they have already deposited in their account. This is a WooCommerce wallet and rebate system that allows users to pay using the funds they have already deposited into their account and allows the administrator to reimburse the amount directly to the user’s wallet. Users with purses are listed together in a table, when a new user makes a deposit or an administrator adds funds for this user, it will be added to the table. The administrator can add funds, withdraw funds or block the wallet balance. If a user’s balance is blocked, they can no longer use it to pay.

Demo & Info
WooCommerce Wallet v2.4.4 2
WooCommerce Wallet v2.4.4 4

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