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VK group manager [OC 2.1, 2.3]


VK group manager [OC 2.1, 2.3]

VK group manager [OC 2.1, 2.3] – “The VK cluster Manager” – this can be a good promoting tool that will increase the loyalty of your audience. still as a good tool for delayed posting , permitting you to set up posts a minimum of a month before (at least for a year).
The main options of the VK cluster Manager module for Opencart a pair of.1, 2.3 (OCstore a pair of.1, 2.3) :
– the power to mechanically publish entries on the wall at a given date and time;
– the power to post entries on the wall by clicking a button within the admin panel;
– facultative ability to repost write to your wall;
– the power to publish entries with pictures and smiles;
– the module keeps statistics of sent messages and printed posts.

Demo & Info
VK group manager [OC 2.1, 2.3] 2
VK group manager [OC 2.1, 2.3] 4

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