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Northwoods GoJS for HTML5 Canvas v2.0.9

Northwoods GoJS for HTML5 Canvas v2.0.9

Northwoods GoJS for HTML5 Canvas v2.0.9 – GoJS makes it straightforward to construct interactive diagrams of Nodes, Links, and Groups, with customizable templates and layouts. GoJS supports graphical templates and knowledge-binding of object properties to model data. solely the model, consisting of easy JavaScript objects, has to be saved and renovated. GoJS makes it straightforward to browse and write models in JSON format. we offer comprehensive API documentation and in-depth overviews of GoJS ideas, with interactive examples. With over ninety samples, you will find various samples of GoJS properties and strategies. GoJS takes advantage of the markup language Canvas to support superior diagrams. For making static documents and printable resources, GoJS supports commerce Diagrams to photographs and SVG. GoJS supports all fashionable browsers (IE9+), as well as mobile browsers.

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