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Gravity Perks v2.1.7 + Addons

Gravity Perks v2.1.7 + Addons

Gravity Perks v2.1.7 + Addons – A suite of 30+ essential Gravity Forms addons with support you’ll estimate. Perks area unit plugins, powered by Gravity Perks, that add new options for Gravity Forms. produce forms at intervals forms for higher management of advanced forms. Formception! Dynamically filter and populate field decisions and values with posts, users, taxonomies, terms, Gravity Forms entries, and databases. just about anything! Generate distinctive IDs (i.e. reference numbers, codes, invoice numbers, etc.) on submission for your Gravity kind entries. produce versatile, conditional rating for your Gravity kind product fields. Limit what number times a alternative could also be elect for multi-choice fields (e.g. Radio Buttons, Drop Downs, Checkboxes, etc). Limit that days area unit selectable for your Gravity Forms Date Picker fields. Add a straightforward submission preview to permit users to verify their submission is correct before submitting the shape. permits Date fields to be utilized in Gravity Forms conditional logic.Make Gravity Forms additional eCommerce-friendly with support for Tax, Discounts, and Subtotal fields.

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Gravity Perks v2.1.7 + Addons 2
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