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DJ-CookieMonster v1.7.1

DJ-CookieMonster v1.7.1

DJ-CookieMonster v1.7.1DJ-Cookiemonster is very lightweight and versatile Joomla add-on to inform your visitors about the cookie policy. The add-on comes with 8 different styles and many customization options. You can even show a module in the message box. Once you enter the DJ-CookieMonster plugin, you will find the settings: Test mode: this function is necessary when you initially configure the plugin, with this configuration the message will be displayed every time you enter the site, so you can verify all the settings before going to live Show once: with this feature enabled, you can configure the add-on to show the message only once on the user’s first visit. Each page change will make the message disappear and will not appear again. Enable the test mode to verify where the message fits best and what style to choose, once it is ready, turn off the test option.

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