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Articles Field PRO v2.0.2


Articles Field PRO v2.0.2

Articles Field PRO v2.0.2 – Field articles is a Joomla! Custom field add-on that greatly expands the capabilities of custom fields. With the native Joomla! lists of fields, the values are only treated as plain text and can not be linked to any other content. The “Item Field” of Regular Labs (articles) is a custom Joomla field that gives you the possibility to choose from a list of items (depending on the selected filters), which allows you to directly connect the articles to each other. The result that is shown in the frontend article is a list of the selected articles, which can be linked to the respective articles and even be displayed with a customized design (title, custom fields and other data of the article). You can determine which items are displayed in the custom field selection list by filtering it by category. The Pro version also allows you to filter the list of articles by tags, authors, language and other values of custom fields. The Pro version also presents the alternative field type “Show linked articles”: this adds the ability to automatically show, in a linked article, all articles that are linked through other instances of the Articles field (so that both elements are linked back and forth to each other).

Demo & Info
Articles Field PRO v2.0.2 2
Articles Field PRO v2.0.2 4



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