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Articles Anywhere PRO v9.1.1


Articles Anywhere PRO v9.1.1

Articles Anywhere PRO v9.1.1 – Articles Anywhere is a powerful add-on that allows you to insert articles anywhere on your site, including modules, third-party components and even other articles. Not only can you place complete articles, but also specific data (such as Title, Readmore Link, Text, Images, Custom Fields, etc.). You have total control over how you want to show that data and how to customize them. This will alter the methode you use your articles completely. For example: create custom modules that show the article or articles you want. Create pages that show a series of defined articles. Create your own personalized blog design pages / views. Create lists of article links (and other data). Use an article as a piece of content, which you can include in many other articles / pages.

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Articles Anywhere PRO v9.1.1 2
Articles Anywhere PRO v9.1.1 4


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